A bit about me

My story so far

I started my journey into user experience around four years ago, whilst running an online music blog.

I graduated in music technology, and spent the subsequent three or four years working in various jobs in the music industry. I did everything from promoting concerts, through to interning at record labels, and working as a sound engineer in a London theatre.

However my interest in design was sparked after I began to make websites in my spare time for friends and acquaintances. Soon after I set up a music blog, which slowly gained a modicum of popularity - peaking around 20,000 unique visitors per month in 2013.

I wanted to understand how to improve my site, and how to keep the bounce rate lower than my competitors. This lead me to discover the world of UX, and I began to consume as much literature and information on the subject as I could.

In 2014 I enrolled on City University's MSc in Human-Centered Systems where I developed a more robust and scientific understanding of UX, learning about everything from information architecture through to interaction design.

Since graduating I've been working around Europe as professional UX designer and researcher, working on everything from point of sales systems used in American restaurants through to complex chemistry software.

I try and employ truly user centred design principles when working. I have skills not only in design, but also in designing and conducting user research studies. Currently, I'm based in London and am actively looking for new opportunities.

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.

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