Creating a web identity for a social media agency

Rocket Social are one of the UK's top social media agencies, using special techniques to help people grow their Instagram followings. I was responsible for designing their new website and identity.

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Initial Research
Competitor Analysis
Conceptual Design
Detailed Design
Hi-fi prototyping
Front end development

Initial Research

This was a solo project, working alongside the CEO of Rocket to quickly create a responsive site that offered an engaging experience to prospective clients. Our research consisted of a competitor analysis where we created a feature map to discern what competitor sites offered and possible areas we could improve upon the competitors.

Below you can see some of the results from our analysis.

Conceptual Design

Once we'd decided on the key features and functionality of the website I moved on to prototyping the structure and the layout of the website. Having the key information readily available and presented in a meaningful sequence was paramount for conversions and during this part of the process I worked closely with the client constantly refining and iterating my ideas.

We used best practices, from having optimised websites for conversions in the past, and also elicited feedback from customers to ensure the design was optimised for our target demographic. In the end we decided on a simple, yet impactful structure and design that focussed on presenting key information without presenting too much choice or ambiguity.

This part of the work was done primarily on pen and paper, but also creating low fidelity wire frames within sketch, where could create rough outlines for the structure without investing heavily in detailed design and development. Below you can see some early iterations of our ideas for page and layout structure.

Detailed Design

The development and final detailed design was completed after having completed the core layout and structure.

We decided to use webflow for the website as it would mitigate the need for additional developers whilst also offering a high quality, responsive site that offered all of the functionality required.

I created the website myself using my front end development and design knowledge to ensure an intelligible and scalable CSS and HTML structure that could be built upon in the future.


Rocket have gone on to see a large increase in their conversions from paid traffic and are extremely happy with the outcome of the product. The mobile version is performing especially well and we will continue to work on and refine the site.