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Project Overview

Rocket social offer subscription-based social media marketing services to small businesses. They wanted a modern, mobile-friendly marketing site and asked me to create one in two weeks.

The Discovery Phase

In order to really understand user needs, I began with some interviews to discern their requirements and use cases. The company was brand new, so there were no existing customers or users to call upon and therefore I decided to speak with users of similar services. 

We identified two companies offering similar services, and through their Facebook fan pages I contacted a total of 4 users to interview. 

Some of the notes from our first interview sessions, as we began to break insights down into
key categories.

The interviews were semi-structured, and focused on unearthing what information would be most useful and important for them to see on the site. We also wanted a better understanding of the context in which they would likely access the site, so we could ensure our site would support each use case sufficiently.

Conceptual Design

After completing the interviews and synthesising the data, I wanted to quickly map out the information architecture for the site before getting into nuanced details of the final design. 

Interviews clearly showed that the pricing page was going to be of particular importance, so I began conceptualising how these pages could look, and how to structure the information related to the services being sold.

Some of the early sketches I made together with the client.
Sketches were transferred into basic wireframes in sketch before creating hi-fidelity
mockups with proper colors and typography.

Detailed Design

The final mockups were created in Sketch and then transformed into a live site using Webflow.
The detailed design involved fleshing out the concepts we'd previously validated and transforming them into something polished, clean and modern. 

Interviews had showed the tech savvy users of similar services cared a lot about the branding and professionalism of websites such as this, so we wanted something modern and attractive. We used a lot of gradients, imagery and shadows to bring the site to life, you can see some pages below.

Some of the finished screens from the live site.

The Results

The client was extremely happy with the results and has since said he's received a reduced bounce-rate, higher levels of engagement and more sales through his service. We'll be working on more sites for his other products in the future.

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